Friends of Jesus

This is a project that reaches out to the prostitutes of Guatemala. Once a month the bar owners trust us to take the women to a breakfast for one hour. In this time we can share the gospel, eat and pray over these ladies. Some ladies have come out of prostitution due to this outreach. At every breakfast there is a powerful move of God.

This is probably the only time that these ladies hear and feel the love of Jesus. 

Kerry Blacklock's Testimony

I have to share with you one amazing missionary story. This morning I woke up at 6:30 because I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to go to the “Friends of Jesus” breakfast. (For those who are not familiar with this term; this is what I renamed the prostitutes breakfast ministry). I got up, quickly got ready and squished into the front of the van beside Karla (leader of the ministry) and we were off, like so many times before. We pick up the women from the bars around 7:00 am and then feed them breakfast, have worship, share multiple testimonies and pray with them all before we have to have them back by exactly 9:00 am. 

This is the most amazing part and everyone who has been involved in this ministry can attest to this, God miraculously holds back time for us. We were able to have three women share with translation, serve breakfast and coffee, sing worship songs and minister to the women. I have been in ministry for 17 years and I know this is not humanly possible in 2 hours, but we do it every time and leisurely as well. 

As I was praying for a couple of Jesus’ friends I felt such oppression and deep emotional pain. I did not feel we had broken through. Karla asked if I had something to say and I said no sadly and walked away. Then a few minutes later, unplanned the Lord gave me a word and Karla and I delivered it seamlessly like there was no translation. The intimacy of the Spirit's words through the testimony of brokenness in my life brought a river of love and healing into the room. When we were leaving many of the women came over to me to receive a hug from the very arms of Christ. It is hard to explain with words the intimacy and transparency that enveloped the room. I held them like long lost daughters who came home from faraway lands. This is the picture; we are God’s long lost children and He sent His very own Son to bring us home. Walk in eternity today and be the hands, the feet, the arms, the eyes, the ears and the very heart of Jesus.