Child Sponsorship

Very often children are neglected. We know that the men that we work with, many of them have a wife and children at home. Sometimes when it comes time for school here in Guatemala, the parents are not able to afford to put their children in school. 

We have often seen the need with the men that we have had go through our program. We not only want to help the men, we want to help their whole family. Many times this means buying clothes and school supplies for their children. Each year in January, when school starts, we supply some children with clothes and school supplies. 

This year we have fully sponsored 4 children and partly sponsored 3 others. These children would not have been able to go to school otherwise. Thanks to our supporters for your help.

Each year we get so amazed about how excited these children get from receiving school supplies. Many children today are not happy unless they get the latest toy, where these children give smiles for simple things like school supplies. 

If House of Refuge Street Ministries did not sponsor these children they probably would not be able to go to school. Thanks to our partners for making this possible.